1) Load the washing machine

Check that any pockets or other items are completely empty.
In clothing, plush or other items containing padding, check that there are no holes that could cause the padding to come out.

2) Close the door

Check that there is nothing stuck between the door and the washing machine drum.

3) Select the desired washing program

Select the desired washing program by pressing the button with the corresponding icon.
It is possible to choose between the following washing programs: 95 °, 60 °, 40 °, 30 ° Delicate.
NOTE: the 30 ° Delicate program performs a reduced spin.

4) Select the desired washing program

Press the button corresponding to the program chosen in the previous point on the detergent keyboard to enable the addition of detergent, fabric softener and disinfectant during washing..

5) Insert the coin

Coin can be purchased through the coin dispenser inside the laundry room.
NOTE: once the tokens have been inserted, the washing starts automatically and it is no longer possible to change the washing program.